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The Arrow Big Bang Challenge
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An Arrow 15K Big Bang Challenge!
Welcome to the first round of the Arrow Big Bang! 15K or bust!

June 1st: Sign ups open
July 5th: Writer sign ups close.
July 6th: Check in #1
August 1st: Check in #2 (MANDATORY)
August 19th: Check in #3 (MANDATORY)/Rough draft submission template post goes up
August 23th: Rough drafts due
August 25th: Artist sign ups close
August 26st: Summary preview post goes up
August 27th: Claims open!
September 20th: Artist check in (MANDATORY)/Posting template post goes up
September 30th: Art rough drafts due

Guidelines - FAQ - Brainstorming - Beta Readers - Artist Sign Ups - Writer Sign Ups

Mods: misachan krystalicekitsu

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We will not fail this city!