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Writing and Art Guidelines
misachan wrote in arrowbigbang
Writer Guidelines

1) Big Bang track: stories must be at least 15K. There is no upper limit.

Minibang Track: stories must be at least 10K.

2) Stories may be gen, slash, het, poly, any and all pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (RPF included.)

3) Crossovers, AUs and fusions are all allowed, so long as the story is still focused on Arrow characters (or actors, in the case of RPF.)

4) Stories must be betaed.

5) Writers must meet mandatory check ins and stay in contact with the mods and their artists (basically, please don't disappear into the aether. Any writer who sends in a rough draft and then is never heard from again will be banned from future rounds.) A copy of the rough draft must be sent to the artist within TWO days of the story being claimed.

6) Writers must sign up and post their fic themselves (no proxies) unless prior arrangement with the mods have been made. Stories must be unlocked and posted to your own LJ/tumblr/AO3 account/etc.

7) Stories cannot have been posted anywhere prior to the challenge posting date


June 1st: Sign ups open
July 5th: Writer sign ups close.
July 6th: Check in #1
August 1st: Check in #2 (MANDATORY)
August 19th: Check in #3 (MANDATORY)/Rough draft submission template post goes up
August 23rd: Rough drafts due

Artist Guidelines

1) Big Bang track: Art must be at least one piece of at least 500x500px or one vid of at least two minutes and a masterpost banner (suggested minimum 300x500 at 72dpi.) This is the bare minimum; artists are encouraged to create additional banners, icon sets, gif sets and art pieces if inspiration strikes.

Minibang track: One masterpost banner (again, same suggested minimum as above.)

2) Art can be in any medium that fits in the above guidelines. (Fanmixes and podfic do not count toward the minimum art requirement but are more than welcome to be included as supplemental art.)

3) You must be able to host your art at your own site/lj/tumblr/etc and must be unlocked.

4) Art and vids cannot be posted anywhere prior to the challenge posting date.

5) Artists must participate in the mandatory check in and stay in contact with the mods and their writer(s). (As with writers, please don't disappear into the aether. Any artists who claim a story and then fall off the face of the earth with no word will be banned from future rounds.)


August 25th: Artist sign ups close
August 26th: Summary preview post goes up
August 27th: Claims open!
September 20th: Artist check in (MANDATORY)
September 30th: Art rough drafts due

Still have some questions? Check out the FAQ and see if it's already covered.

All set? Then all that's left is to sign up! Writer sign ups are here, Artist sign ups here.

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How firm are you on the 15k minimum?

I think for larger fandoms that and higher word counts are fine, but it might be a bit tough for a smaller fandom like Arrow.

I answered this! Did LJ eat it?

Anyway, we talked it over and decided to try two tracks, a 15K big and a 10K mini. (It is still a small fandom and we want to give as many people the chance to play as possible.)

Thanks for the feedback!

so you have rough draft deadlines but no ending date? i don't get it.

Do you mean a posting schedule? That's going to go up in its own post after the artists send in their roughs and we know how close tto done everyone is or if we need pinch hitters.

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