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Brainstorming and Prompts Post!
misachan wrote in arrowbigbang
Have a spare plot bunny looking for a good home? Looking for a little inspiration? This is the all purpose post to leave prompts, plot and otherwise brainstorm with your fellow vigilantes.

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Would anyone be willing to help me brainstorm a Tommy-centric AU? I can work via email or LJ. I can IM as a last resort but I only log onto my clients sporadically.

Also, I can offer up a fanmix for your Arrow Big Bang or any other fic you've written (Arrow, Primeval, Star Trek Reboot, or any of the other fandoms listed in my user info only) after ABB is over.

I could also work as a sounding board for your Big Bang in return, if you like. Thanks in advance!

I'd be happy to help with this. I love bouncing story ideas around.

Bless you & thank you! Sending you a PM right now.


So, somebody should do a post where Tommy really isn't dead, but instead is in a coma for four weeks and wakes up to a zombie apocalypse.

Because crossover.

(And Ollie as a bitter survivor leader and Thea with a machine gun, okay?! Yes, I have issues.)

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