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misachan wrote in arrowbigbang
So what is this Arrow Big Bang thing, anyway?

This is a collaborative challenge where writers and artists team up to create new works of Arrow awesomeness. It's a three step process: first, writers create a new Arrow story of at least 15K words (or 10K for the Minibang track.) Next, those stories are matched with artists who each claim a story and make at least one art piece (cover art, wallpaper, drawing, digital painting, photo manip, etc, etc) inspired by it. Finally, the story and art are both posted on the same day and all bask in awe and adulation.

What do you mean by a Big Bang track and a Minibang track?

Arrow is a new show and this is a new big bang, so we want as many people to be able to join in as possible. To do that, this round will have two tracks: Big Bang for fics of 15K+ and Minibang for fics in the 10K-15K range. Big Bang track fics will get a minimum of two art pieces, a main piece and a posting banner, while the Minibang track fics will get at minimum a posting banner.

There's no need to declare your track ahead of time. (And we encourage everyone to aim for 15K and beyond!)

Wait, claims? Let's go back to that.

When writers submit their rough drafts by the August 23rd deadline they'll include a summary for the artists, along with the titles, genre, pairing and any assorted warnings/content notes included with the story. These summaries will then be posted in a list without names attached for artists to choose in a first come, first served basis.

That sounds terrifying.

It is a little bit terrifying, but claims will continue until every story has an artist. No one will be left out!

Can artists claim more than one story?

For the first round of claiming signed up artists will only be able to claim one story. If any stories remain after twenty-four hours, round two will open up and artist will be allowed to claim a second story (as long as they're confident they can create art for both!) In the hopefully unlikely event some stories still remain after round two, claims will be opened up to any interested artists.

Do I have to join the comm?

Yes, and it's probably a good a idea to watch, too. Some check ins and the claims posts will only be visible to members and only members can post.

Can we sign up for both fic and art?

Perfectly fine, as lone as you're confident you can finish both. (Although you won't be allowed to claim your own story!)

What do we mean by art?

Art must be at least one 500x500px minimum piece in whatever medium you desire (digital painting, photomanip, drawing, etc) or a two minute minimum vid. Many artists also make a posting banner or icon sets to make the masterposts pretty, but only the main piece is required. Obviously if you're inspired to make more, go for it.:)

Does a fanmix count as art? What about podfic?

A fanmix or podfic can't be your main piece, but you're perfectly welcome to include them as supplemental art.

I can't decide which idea to write! Can I sign up for two stories?

You can sign up for twenty stories as long as you can get them in by the deadline.:)

What about writing in teams?

Go for it.

So, when you say rough draft....

A rough drafts must be at least 15K words long (10K for the minibang) and contain a beginning, middle and end. It does not need to be beta read at this stage and absolutely does not need to be perfect, but it must be more or less done. There is no maximum word count. Fics can be het, slash, gen, poly, whatever your heart's desire.

Your fic track will be set when you send in your rough draft. That means that if in the post-claims editing/revision process your previously 13K fic winds up over 15K after all it will stay in the Minibang track (mostly to preserve your mods' nerves.:)

What if we need an extension and have a really, really good reason?

Extensions may be considered on a case by case basis.

What about art rough drafts?

By Sept. 30th artist have to send in the rough draft of their work in progress art. The art does not have to be perfect and does not have to be done; this is so the mods can be assured that the art actually exists and will be ready by the posting date. Any artist who miss this deadline without contacting the mods will be dropped from the challenge and their claimed story will be sent to the pinch hit list.

What about crossovers? AUs? Fusions? RPF?

Absolutely, go for it. Just remember to keep the focus on Arrow characters/actors.

Can I use comics canon in my story?

We love comics canon! Again though, remember your story needs to be about the Arrow versions of these characters – for example, if you're writing a future fic based on the Judas Contract storyline, your Slade should still have backstory we see from the show.

I want to join but I don't have any ideas.

Check out the brainstorming post! Someone might have the perfect plot bunny for you.

Explain check ins, please?

There are three writer check ins, two of them mandatory and one mandatory artist check in. These are just ticky box polls to give the mods an idea of how progress is going and who's still in the challenge. Missing a check in will result in some gentle poking by one of the mods after a few days; if we still don't hear from you after that we'll assume you've dropped out. Writers are encouraged to post snippets of their WiP in the check in comments (although this part isn't mandatory!) and cheerlead each other along. Ticky box party!

Maybe I need to drop out.

No problem, we've all been there. For writers, dropping a comment at a check in, not responding to a check in or just not submitting a rough draft are all perfectly acceptable ways to drop off with no penalty - it's dropping out after claims that makes the mods start to grumble.

For artists: if you realize after you claim your story that you have to drop out please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange a pinch hitter. If you miss your check in and don't touch base or don't send in a rough draft we will have to drop you from the challenge so we can give the pinch hitter the maximum amount of time.

How does posting work?Can we crosspost?

Absolutely! Just wait until your assigned date, then you do all the crossposting your heart desires.

I have a question not covered in the FAQ.

No problem! Comment here, PM the mods or email us at arrowbbmod @ We're also on twitter @arrowbigbang.

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Maybe it would be a good idea to have a canon question post. Because after 23 episodes the details get kind of blurry. For example one thing I would ask is by episode 20, how long had Oliver been back from the island? Or how many days does episode one encompass?

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