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*is this thing on?*
Greetings, Vigilantes!

Apologies for the radio silence! The combination of work, deadlines and holidays swept us under for a while but we are working to right the ship. Watch your inboxes! We'll be contacting writers and artists privately to touch base and see what shape we're all in.

(And hey, at no one can accuse us of not giving enough time to finish right?)

Again, all our apologies. Shine up your art and stories, because the time is near!

Art Drafts due!
ollie- green bow practice
Hello Vigilantes!

The time for art drafts is upon us and I know you are all eager and willing to do this as I am!

But first thing first:

What the Glades do your mods mean when we say 'draft'?

Well, that really depends upon you. For the mods, all we require is that we can see where your art is going, that you've at least read your fic, and that you understand the concept of effort. This is not to say you have to have every detail sketched out, or that you need to use blue guidelines or anything of the sort!

Let's take a look at some examples:Collapse )

Per always, drafts are due by 23:59 your local time today. If you need an extentsion- this is a draft. You're obviously thinking too hard.
(Unless you haven't read your fic yet. Then you might be in some trouble.)

Either way, if you need an extension, drop us a quick email- I promise neither one of us bites outside extreme combat circumstances!

Required information:

Just attach your WIP to the email (please do not embed images!), put 'Art Draft' in the subject line and drop the required information in the body.

Then you're all set!

Resource Post #7: Art references - Oliver Queen and His Better Half
ollie- green bow practice
I think I remember banners and icons being the prefered method of our artists' madnesses, but Resource Posts are always a good thing!

First thing first, let's go with the main characters:

Read more...Collapse )

Writers have all been matched with artists and now the best part of every big bang really begins! Below is a list showing each matched writer and artist:

MB 01

krystalicekitsu | chosenfire28

MB 02

telaryn | twisted_slinky

BB 01

matrixrefugee/mtxref_fic | evian_fork

BB 02

mizzy2k | scribewraith

Please contact each other as soon as possible (if you haven't already done so!) Writers especially, please get a copy of your draft to your artist ASAP - big bangs are collaborations and the more time they have to work, the more successful the collaboration will be. (And don't worry if the draft is still on the rough side - no one's expecting a polished finished project at this stage of the game.)

(Artists, if you haven't heard from your artists after three days please let us know.)

Thank you to all the vigilantes for getting us this far!

Art Claim Consolidation Post
It's been almost a week and we only have two stories left! Artists, if you haven't made a claim, check them out and comment on this post. If any stories still remained unclaimed by this time tomorrow we will open public claiming. If you've been on the fence, don't miss out!

ALL CLAIMED! Thank you, everyone!

Minibang track, Star Trek fusionCollapse )

Big Bang track, Oliver/QuentinCollapse )

A post listing who was matched with whom will go up as soon as the last story is claimed (but if you've already been claimed, don't wait! Please contact your artist ASAP!)

Artists! Make your claim here!

Claims Post!
CLAIMS ARE LIVE (and comments are fixed. *facepalm*)

Artists! It's almost time for your turn to mind the Arrowcave! (And does Diggle calling it that mean he knows Batman?)

Under the cut you'll find four summaries waiting to be claimed, two on the minibang track and two on the big bang track (if you're unclear on what that means as far as art goes, check out the the guidelines post is here to help (and remember those are just the minimum requirements!) Claims will open up at 12 PM EST (check what that is where you are); once claims open comment with your three top choices. For example:

1. MB 01
2. BB 02
3. BB 01

Since we have more artists signed up than summaries available, there will be a conditional second round of claims were any artists shut out of the first round can then claim, but only once each story has been matched with an artist.

Sound good? Any questions/concerns, PM us or drop an email at arrowbbmod@gmail.com

To the stories!

Summaries belowCollapse )

IMPORTANT SERVICE- *mic squeal* oh, hell...
ollie- green bow practice

Due to a great number of people dropping out due to time constraints and the mods' fluffiness, it's been decided to extend the rough draft deadline by one week.

You now have until Monday, September 2 to get out 10k!

Further, for all our artist out there, we're extending the artist sign up until September 2 as well! Find the sign-up post here!

If you're having problems generating ideas, getting inspired, or just want to ask someone if Ollie would wear pink or lavender silk undies, drop the mods a line on tumblr, or consider asking @hotrodngold or @Gambling4Kitten to start up a word war.

Here's the >revised< schedule:

August 23rd Sept 2: Rough drafts due; artist sign-ups close (min 10k, with established beginning, middle and end)
August 26th Sept 6: Summary preview post for artists goes up
August 27th Sept 7: Artist claims open
September 20th: Artist check in; Posting template goes up
September 30th Oct 6: Art rough drafts due (we'll cover what constitutes a 'rough draft' for art a little closer to this deadline)

Again, bold items are deadlines, meaning you must check in, or ask for an extension before 23:59 wherever you are of the due date.

Last Call for Artist Sign Ups!
Today is the last day to sign up as an artist - artist signed up for the challenge get first crack at the stories. The list of drafts up for grabs is small but mighty, so don't be shut out.

Extended to Sept 2nd!

Sign up post is here.

Rough Draft Deadline Has Now Passed
Because I'm pretty sure that short of errant time travel it's no longer before midnight anywhere.:) Artists, make sure you've joined the comm for when claims go live!

(If any writers overslept the deadline/had a last second burst of inspiration/just fought their way back from a parallel universe - it will happen on Arrow someday, trust me - and have not already contacted us for an extension please email the mod team at arrowbbmod@gmail.com immediately. We may be able to work something out.)