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*is this thing on?*
misachan wrote in arrowbigbang
Greetings, Vigilantes!

Apologies for the radio silence! The combination of work, deadlines and holidays swept us under for a while but we are working to right the ship. Watch your inboxes! We'll be contacting writers and artists privately to touch base and see what shape we're all in.

(And hey, at no one can accuse us of not giving enough time to finish right?)

Again, all our apologies. Shine up your art and stories, because the time is near!

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I just remembered this Bigbang and wanted to ask when we will be able to read the stories? I am looking forward to them! The finale last week left a big desire for more Arrow in whatever shape possible.

Updates about that (and the next round) will be up shortly!

Almost one year later so I thought I'd ask again?
Sorry for being so persistent.

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